Package never arrives.

About three months ago I bought a card from a seller on Ebay for about $150. Everything went well and smooth, got the package in a little over a week. 5 weeks ago I bought another card from the same seller for about $150 again, but this time it hasn’t arrived. Seller has shown me the receipt for shipping, he seems to be very genuine, but he didn’t pay for tracking this time. B-|

So now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ve opened an Ebay case as time was running out, but it doesn’t feel like a total refund is fair. After Ebay refunds me, should I send half of it back to the seller considering it wasn’t his fault (except for no tracking) the package didn’t arrive?

Have any of you been in a similar position, and what did you do about it?

If you feel like sending back part of it, that is up to you.
However, you are not in the wrong to keep all of the money. It definitely sucks for both parties when something like this happens.

It is just a moral call on your part as to how much you send back.

What would you do?

The standard procedure seems to be the seller refunds the money out of customer service. If this happened to me I am pretty sure the buyer wouldn’t sent part of their payment back. Taking this into consideration, would you keep the refund to “maintain the balance”?

There is no balance. It is a case by case scenario in which you have to make the personal call.
If you will feel better and more at ease morally by giving him a partial refund, then I fully suggest that you give him part of it back.
However, if you have no qualms about keeping the money, you are not at fault.

It is a moral decision, and as such, it is in your hands alone.
I will tell you that you would be making an extremely kind gesture by giving him a partial return on the refund.
But I can also tell you that no one would think any less of you by keeping it all.

Make the decision that makes you feel the best about it.

According to eBay’s policies it is considered the responsibility of the seller to provide proof of shipment via a tracking number, so you would not be wrong to keep all of your money if they rule in your favor (which they probably will). Like others have said though, if it would make you feel better to give a partial refund, that’s completely within your right as well.

I had this happen to me a couple of months ago. I bought a Mew 220/BW-P promo for $20 as soon as it came out and never received it, but the seller refunded me as soon as I informed him… probably because of the above policy. I would have rather had the Mew though since they’re $30+ now. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, it is the sellers responsibility to make sure the item arrives. There is no reason why they couldn’t have tracked it and I believe tracking is free with First Class and Priority mail.

I’m hitting a similar position. Sold a EBB campaign pack on eBay, and shipped it via the same. The tracking number hasn’t updated in days, and the estimated delivery date was yesterday. The buyer has so far been understanding, but at least I have tracking to show that I DID ship it. Oddly enough, in the “case” notes, eBay shows 2 different tracking numbers, one that’s the real one, and the other that I have no idea where it’s from