Name badge sign ups and ordering! Worlds 2019!

It is with great pleasure, I present to you the official E4 badge for 2019 worlds!

The badge is metal and measures 2" x 3". The text font for the username is size 20 (highly legible) and the “real name” size is 16 (still readable). Font selection is on the bolder side as community feedback wanted something a little different. These badges will not have a backing on them so you can green label them after if you like. A plastic pouch with a clip will be provided for use at the event.

Rules to ordering a name tag:

  1. You MUST be at the event.2. You must post your username and real name in this thread! This way I can document everyone and put them in a bulk ordering wizard.
  2. You must post all relevant information by: 7-24-19. It should not take two weeks to print, but I’m giving myself a large window JUST in case.
  3. *Updated rule* For people wanting a custom metal E4 name tag but haven’t signed up to our site yet, here’s what you do: Message @garyis2000 and he will give you a Paypal ID to send $10.00 to and your tag will be ready for pickup at worlds.

Any and all questions regarding the name tags feel free to message me directly and I will be happy to help you out.

Once again big thank you to @garyis2000 for funding the entire operation!


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Username: Swolepoke

Name: Jeremy

See you all there :blush:

  1. Yes
  2. PokemonTrader, Michael
  3. Done.

Thanks again Jason & Gary!

Awesome! Thanks Gary for funding!

Username: Qwachansey
Name: Eddie

[e] Getting wisdom teeth out later today. Not sure I’ll be able to make it :slightly_frowning_face:

Username: merciersj

Name: Sarah

Thank you, excited to see people there!


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Now…i have read the rules…but…I just can’t be there with you guys, if I pay my plate and the shipping, can I have one too anyways? :sleepy:

(Maybe if someone of the guys can take it and send it to me later)


Sorry Steve but I’ve already been pm’d over a dozen times with the same request and this is only day one lol.

We will only make these available to those who pick up their badges in person in DC.
We’ll be doing this next year too so hopefully more can attend:)

no worries Gary, I mean… I really would like to have it, but I understand, thank you for answering anyways.
I don’t know if I can be there next year too, Italy it’s not exactly around the corner, and a trip for 2 people it’s quite expensive. :sleepy:

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User: OldSkoolPokemon

Name: Nick



Thanks Jason for putting all of this together!!!

Online: lookaclara
Real: Clara

Thanks for organizing this!


Happy to have you Clara.

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Everyone attending, please register here now. It’ll help us out if you don’t delay.


@ anyone else I might’ve missed?

Mason Kampe
Mason Kampe
Thanks =)

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