Name amazing sellers

This is a thread to name awesome sellers to share with everyone.

Iv been looking for some sellers that regularly sell ultra rare more high end cards since i consider myself a serious collector.

Feel free to name any one from ebay or on here or youtube that youve had a good experience with. Id love to check them out. Any help would be great.


For high-end cards, I’ve dealt with:

brianjapan and SMPratte.

It is hit and miss with Brian, I know he has a nice site and cards, however he does overcharge…

I always try to negotiate prices. What I like with Brian is that he’s upfront with the condition of his card, which is really important when buying ungraded cards and without physically seeing the card. So far, I’m quite happy with my purchases.

Brian is very reliable and honest. He is always willing to negotiate prices, especially on more valuable items. It is important having middle men/businesses like him around.

Cbd1235- helps with anything :blush:

I’m surprised Jimmy Hume (The Card Collector UK) hasn’t been mentioned, yet.


I know he is no longer selling Pokemon cards but I want to give credit to him! He has sold some of the rarest cards in the world and made me admire Trophy cards when he was the first person ever on ebay who sold a Victory Mew back in 2005. I was thrilled by this card and wanted to have one… Now, 7 years later I finally got one myself. Promo_sen was the main reason why I have several trophy cards nowadays…