Every single Ebay Powerseller

Can someone provide a list of every single Ebay Power seller both past and present?
If possible strictly towards Pokemon.

Not a ebay power seller who sells pokemon but majors in magic/yugioh/etc

If they have those other cards fine but I do expect them to have knowledge/insight to pokemon as well.
Not just so happen to sell them.

Does this make sense?

Example ebirdman sells everything but he actually gives a damn when it comes to pokemon.


most memebers heres.

I sell stuff pokemon and kingdom hearts and magic wise~

professional_sports_authenticators but nice try brother lol.


The only way I found you through ebay is searching “1st edition ivy pikachu” because I need one still =/

Welcome back Gary :blush:

Hi Jason. Just swamped with two of my sons and my wife in summer school. No time for anything:(

Need more of a list. I already know all these power sellers. Any more of a list?

What are you looking for… Japanese Promos? English Cards? Yugioh? Magic? The list can be a thousand people long. You need to specify

Does not matter. Any of them is fine. Just looking for power sellers that specialize in pokemon.
No specific request.

It’s probably not the right thread but I didn’t wanna open a new one. Are any of these eBay users registred here too (possibly under a different name)?
trendypokemons, poke*trader, bransdojoo, ellatroy, rjreeher23, coolstuffcollectibles, old-skool-pokemon, the_charizard_authority, toy_gone_crazy;
had great experiences buying from these guys :blush:

Before people jump to conclusions, as I’ve had multiple PMs in the past…
I am NOT poke*trader

Poke*trader lives in CA and is a SHE… you live in Canada and is a HE