Mysterious Stamped SM190

Yesterday i was browsing Ebay when i ran across a listing for a sealed SM190 with a detective pikachu Stamp, it was sealed with a code card
the seller had listings for a single, 5 or 100 of the card, i looked around and couldnt find a single other listing for these
i messaged the seller and didnt get much info about it than i already had
than this morning i noticed All the listings had ended
heres the ended listing if you want to take a look

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@poketrade mentioned them about a month ago in his upcoming English promos thread: They come with the DVD/Blue-Ray of the Detective Pikachu movie. Didn’t knew they were already available for sale through, since I’m looking forward to them.

There will also be a stamped variation of the SM170 Pikachu.

Both are supposed to be released in September, though. So not sure why that seller already has them right now. :laughing: