My Best eBay experience

Long story, this guy lowballs me for $480 and claims it’s for charity. I ignore the message and he messages again asking me what price I would take. I actually discussed with my brother on what he would accept if it was his card (I told the buyer that it was his card hoping the buyer would not keep haggling back and forth).

I told the buyer $950 and he agreed to bid on it for 950 or have me create a new listing. To avoid me canceling the bid listing, I agreed to have him bid and once it reaches $950 for him, I would end it for him as the winner.

He bids and I assume everything is good. He then wants me to end the bidding at $830. I don’t as that wasn’t our deal at all. A bidding war between him and two others ensue but he still wins the card at $910 which is completely fine.

He wants $60 back at first and I’m thinking that’s the biggest joke as I can just second chance offer either the bidder below him 2nd guy below him.

I let him know and he wants $50 back instead. I see at this point he probably will either want a partial refund or to cancel the card which I was more than willing to do.

I try to input a discount of $30 in hopes that he would stop extorting me for money and pay that day like he said earlier. unfortunately it didn’t go through. He then asks for $50 after he pay either today or tomorrow.

I agree to a partial refund, but I already said no to $50. The next day he pays at night and then wants me to ship without the verification process to Canada. I know better than to do that and tell him no. He then wants me to show him the policy where it says I can’t. I do that and he shuts up for a bit. A Couple days later he has the audacity to request positive feedback. I tell him once he receives everything I would.

Next day he asks about partial refund once more, so I agree to give him a $10 refund as the next bidder below him bid more than that and I never agreed to give him $50.

He then messages me and wants the $30 I originally discussed with him if he was to pay that day rather than me canceling and offering to the next highest bidder.

I then tell him I offered a partial refund after he paid but never specified the amount as he wanted $50 but I already told him no and then the $30 I originally had was so he would pay that day but didn’t. I then point him to the message where he said he would do $950 but it ended short and I didn’t complain.

Then the last message is him calling me a sociopath and threatening to return the card if I don’t give him $20. I tell him that he can do what he wants once he receives the card from the eBay’s authentication process as this purchase is final sale and I have no return policy. He now messaged me asking for the additional $20 again, this time I ask if he agrees to my terms to stop contacting me, I will give him the $20.

Now He wants $40 :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly I should have just blocked him after the lowball offer, the silver lining is this has kept the last few days interesting. This ordeal makes me happy that I rarely sell.

My mistake here was not understanding that he wanted me to end at $830 not the agreed upon $950.

If interested here is the conversation.

Tbh I think you’re a bit nuts for letting that conversation go past “I’d like to buy this for a charity”


I know, I like to entertain myself lol. TBF I did ignore it but then he messaged back and agreed to my asking (so I thought).

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I respect it. Sometime its just crazy enough that you want to see where it goes.


This isn’t even my weirdest experience on eBay. I’ve had a weirder buyer a few years ago who I’ll never forget. It was more for a sad reason though.

Wow I’m selling my collection now. Hoping I don’t get anyone like that

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I would gladly pay 10-20% of my selling price to never deal with petty people like this. What a waste of time and emotional damage. The therapy alone is more than third party fees. Jeez!


This is just so weird to me.

If $30 or $50 makes that much of a difference that a person is willing to spend days complaining and haggling and harassing the seller… then they really had no business buying a $900 luxury item in the first place.


Right?! The buyer has no respect for his own time and / or he’s a sadist. Some people…

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Originally he wanted $60 cause he was angry 3 people bid against him and it went to $910.

Then even yesterday when I offered him the $30 he was okay with, he now wants $40. After that I realized that no matter what I give him he won’t be content and probably push for more.


Some people they have to feel like they “won”. Getting that tiny extra money out of you is their power move to get that sensation. You can tell by the change of tone and harassing behavior they were desperate for it.

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Are you really selling MC? :scream:

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You really were asking for a bad time by continuing with this clown… maybe the next charity i go to will give away free $1,000 pokemon cards too

The thing was I knew it wasn’t for a charity since I declined his offer of a tax write off and tried to ignore him. But he did message back and did agree to pay my asking.

However I’m guessing his “charity” is actually a raffle.

Haven’t heard back from him since the last messages I sent after he claimed he talked to an eBay rep, so Im curious on whats going to happen when he receives it.

Charity, discounts, partial refunds, send to a different address. Nope nope nope.


That’s what I’m starting to think as well. 10-15% maybe but same sentiment! :joy:

You have way more patience than I do. I would’ve blocked him after his second or third attempt lol


He is the sociopath. What a fop.

I believe his outburst was due to him caring do deeply about his charity :rofl:

Unfortunately for me I’ll have my first negative review (most likely) once he gets the card. I had a good run, from Apr. 2009 - Dec. 2022 all positive (that’s the only thing I’m actually going to be annoyed by).

If he leaves a negative, it should be easy to call ebay and have them look at the ridiculous messages that were sent. They will probably remove it

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