Must of been bring your kid to work day at PSA.

So, i sent this card in and there is NO WAY it should of gotten a 10… but it did. I’m not going to complain… just goes to show PSA really is so random at times it’s hard to do an accurate grade yourself. There is a white spot on the back, so many scratches on the front, and almost a dent… Pictures below.

PS tell me if the dropbox link doesn’t work, i am new to it so i’m not sure if the settings are right.

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Could you upload a picture of the entire back so we can get a perspective on the whitening?

Should be uploaded now. The first picture I was trying to get the major scratch on the card. It almost looks like a stain. I’m sure someone will ask, no, none of the scratches are on the case.


I agree. Not a 10. Just evidence that mistakes can be made.

Hope those kids grade some of my cards there too.


Do you think because it’s an energy card, they were a little less Careless.
Maybe the small whitening on the back happened when being placed into the psa shell. Might of been a 10 then, popping in there got marked… I think that’s happened to alot of cards I’ve sent in.

I can only see 1 spot of whitening. Strange with the Scratches though.

The lights in which they view the cards dont show all scratches.

Explains why there is so many mint 9 1st ed shadowless charizards lately.

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I usually trust PSA but then there’s horror stories like this one.

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Yeah I think they get it right 90-95% of the time. Still I don’t see them being as bad as BGS with there 9’s. Like a BGS 9 has 4 corners of thick whitening… Shit is whack, but there Black Label GEM 10 is of PSA 10 standards from what I have seen. I think I’d happily allow a Black Label BGS into my 10’s collection after what I have seen now. It took me a fair while to get dem old scool ex’s I have got now, so there is certainly some sets they are so dam tight with. I feel they be a bit more lenient lately on dem 9’s for 1st ed Base set, because The one I have looks nothing like the recent 9’s, it’s actually better than my 10 I had but it was graded a long time ago, and the 10 I had was done at the end of last year. BUT HEY! This could just be the 10 percentidge I was talking about.

I had a base set charizard unlimited with a ton of silvering on the bottom and left edges, but it was pack fresh. Not really any scratches or whitening on the back, but I was expecting an 8. Got a 10. Sold it for like $375 even with noting my questioning of the grade it was given in the description of the listing. That is why I send out so many cards that get 8’s… Sometimes they end up 10’s and the cards I expect to get 10’s get 8 or 9. A lot of people pay for the label, not the card. Oh well.

On the same topic… I do have an electabuzz ex from R&S PSA 1 floating around that I believe to be an error on their part. Maybe I will post it here later tonight as it fits the topic. I have no idea what I could be potentially missing on it that makes it a 1. I have sent some terrible cards that came out as 3-5 but never seen a 1. This thing looks mint.


Wow looking forward to seeing the 1


I believe that at first recieving a submission they’re super eager to see what rare and old baseball cards they get to grade. But upon realizing that it’s MORE Pokemon cards, they fluster and just give it a 10 in disappointment. But that is just me.

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I agree, people do pay for the label. I would rather have a “real” 10 of this card. I just feel bad trying to sell this one because of the condition it is actually in. I think people just buy 10s, not really looking at the cards because they expect PSA to accurately grade their cards

I wouldn’t feel bad about it, just make sure you make it clear and huge that you don’t feel the condition matches the description of a psa 10. The thing of people paying for the label is a problem as is the expectations, could you imagine paying top dollar for an extremely rare card in psa 10 and receiving that shit?

I understand it is simply their opinion but that clearly doesn’t match their standards.

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Looks Gem Mint 10 to me as well.