MTG Capitalizes on the Pokemon/Weiss Waifu Boom

MTG’s new Wilds of Eldraine set contains quite a few Waifu-esque cards that are fetching very high prices on TCGPlayer. Curious to see if this will push modern MTG into the grading scene as Waifu collectors expand their collections.

Wilds of Eldraine (WOE) - Set Cards
Wilds of Eldraine: Enchanting Tales (WOT) - Enchanting Tales & Anime Special Art Cards

Some cards are also given a “Confetti Foil” treatment.


How do I short MTG


Rhystic Study is by Fuzichoco, who also illustrated the Pokémon Center Kanazawa promos


Looks like a completely different tcg.

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Hasbro stock is up like 50% since February so that’s a good start if you want to short lol

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This couldn’t come off as more try hard if they well… tried.

this is not true Waifu cards, it does not have the waifu spirit.
so I think its still regular mtg, just some artwork change

I tried to look at MTG releases once and got confused. Why are there so many products and series?

You are right they are fully clothed. :upside_down_face:


Buy HAS230915P00042500

idk they look a little old


Lol, I think you’d want to buy at a bit higher strike than that.

It’s interesting to see Magic lean into this demographic. I know they tried it out initially in War of the Spark with the JP alt arts and later printed an anime-centric card in Jumpstart 2022 (below), but I was surprised to see them lean so hard in. I don’t see how the Magic universe/lore fits into anime culture at all. I think this is just the 100th attempt at WotC marketing “new card styles” in order to sell overpriced sealed product


This thread got me in trouble. Thanks a lot.


I don’t like to lean into stereotypes, but many MTG players that I know are into anime. I think it’s pretty smart by WoTC to capture that audience. :person_shrugging:

They won’t work as waifus because there’s no context behind them.

Not to get all serious about this questionable kind of thing, but a big reason waifu cards are desirable is the context. It’s not just some random hot ladies on cards. Those “hot ladies” are characters that people have fallen in love with (hopefully not literally but :grimacing:) in games and stories. Same goes for Weiss. It’s kind of the same logic as to why you can’t expect every Kickstarter TCG to be successful. Pokemon has organic interest. As gross as it may be, the waifus cards have organic interest because of the characters. MTG girls don’t have that. You might as well just be looking up random anime art online.


That’s a good point. However, that’s not true of all waifu collectors to my knowledge.

I know waifu collectors who indiscriminately buy/grade cards with female characters that they find to be cute/attractive/powerful, whether they know the underlying intellectual property or not. It would be that crowd that may get interest in these MTG cards.

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I mean…

In seriousness though, this isn’t the first time MTG has done anime-styled art. I’m on the fringes of it (I don’t collect/play anything but exactly Oops, but several of my friends are into it), but cards like Wandering Emperor exist, as does the entire Kamigawa set. This isn’t even touching on alternate arts of cards like Grapeshot (below). I don’t think it’s that outlandish to cater to the audience that likes that art style, especially since they’ve done it before and it was popular.