Moltres Fullart

Hi everyone,

I just bought a 4 pocket binder (it’s still on its way to my house) and thought it would be cool to make a page with fullart cards of the legendary birds. Including a fullart of them together. But unfortunately I can’t seem to find a fullart version of a Moltres card.
Does anyone know if a card like this exists?

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Unfortunately Moltres has been pretty much screwed in the full art department.

In Plasma Storm we got an Articuno EX full art (pretty nice). Then for the 20th Anniversary Starter Pack/Generations we got full arts of Articuno and Zapdos (but not Moltres).

There’s the Tag Team card of Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno GX which has Full Art, Hyper Rare, and Special Art versions. I think that would probably be your best bet if you want a Moltres full art. The stained glass Special Art is really nice, and Moltres is front and center in that one.


While there might be no full arts for Moltres, it has a ton of great normal holo and non-holo cards.
I’d refer you to @pulpyfan 's collection thread if you want some inspiration for nice binder pages:
(I don’t know how to link a specific post, just scroll down a bit :wink:)


Starting to see similarities with suicune, Moltres, and venusaur…


Pokémon loves making cards for 2 out of 3 for trio Pokémon just to drive collectors crazy.


Thanks, guys. I got some great inspiration from the thread you linked @muk.
Maybe I’ll go for 3 cards with the normal size art. And 1 full art of the tag team you mentioned @fourthstartcg. Thanks all!

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