Modern sets: holo bleeds and holo patterns

Hi all,

I just started to collect some modern cards. I observed that in about 20% of my relatively small collection of holographic regular art (half art) cards, the holographic horizonal line pattern shines very noticeable through the bottom part (text part) of the card and the Pokemon artwork itself. Are these defective “second class” cards, as not enough ink was applied during printing? Is this a common, widespread issue? Or was I just unlucky to obtain a few of those holo bleed cards?

Second questions: The holo pattern of the modern cards I picked up essentially resembles horizontal lines. But I’ve seen several of those cards also being available with the cosmo foil pattern. Where to get the cosmo foil versions from? Does the holo pattern differ between countries or print runs?

Thanks in advance! Cheers!

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Hello, and welcome to modern collecting!

From the description, they sound like holo bleeds to me, but I wouldn’t call you unlucky! Quite a few collectors will pay a premium for holo bleed cards, and some even collect exclusively holo bleeds. One person’s trash is another’s treasure, or something like that.

Where to get the cosmo foil versions from?

Cosmos foil variants can be found in blisters and boxes (like the Infernape V box with the lovely Empoleon from Brilliant stars in cosmos down below).

Does the holo pattern differ between countries or print runs?

Some countries have had different foil patterns across sets, but I’m not well versed enough in modern cards that aren’t Piplup-line to comment on any foil pattern differences, so hopefully someone else can chime in here.


Thank you so much for you response. That clarifies a lot!

I’ve uploaded a few images from one of the cards, so you can see what I am talking about. Is this still in the normal range, or would you speak of holo bleed?

Holo bleeding is a spectrum. As you stated, it has to do with how much ink is being applied. A slight holo bleed is not uncommon

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I would personally call that holo bleed, yes. Any holo showing through the ink can be considered holo bleed, but depending on the print run and how common it is for too little ink to be applied, it could be “normal” for the set of that makes sense.

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