Mitsuhiro Arita Artbook [with autograph + sketch] Preorder

Just wanted to put this out there for people who may not be aware. Arita has made available a preorder for his two art books. [1] You can get the book alone or you can pay extra for autograph and/or a [random] sketch:

The Culdcept one is fantasy-style art done for this game. The Cinematic one is mostly western movies (ex. batman).

It looks like he’s not really putting a limit on these. I’m not sure if the sketches will be at the same quality, but here’s an example of the one I got about a year ago:

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These are cool artbooks and a great collectors’ item if you’re a fan of Arita and curious about his work outside of the Pokemon franchise. While his style is just as recognizable in these, it’s interesting to see the creative liberties he has when tackling other IPs.

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Arita is really hustling, good for him! :sunglasses:


Are these shipped to the US, or do I need a middleman?

Maybe an early retirement is coming? :eyes:

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Hustlin’ indeed, smart man. Now where’d I put my wallet…

I’ve played Culdcept Revolt (the newest one in the series) before and it’s a pretty neat game. Some of the cards he’s illustrated:

It does ship direct to the US

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Thanks a bunch for this information. Just ordered a book :slight_smile:

It’s a great option for those who want to support Arita, get a unique sketch, and not have to wait in line :slightly_smiling_face: I have mine framed!

In a shadowbox?

I scanned the sketch and then have the printed copy framed (don’t tell anyone that the copy is the one on display) :shushing_face:

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My sketch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: