Misprint Mewtwo Level X

Hey everyone. I’m new to this group and i had a question. For hours, I’m trying to look for a Mewtwo Level X that has the same misprint as mine, but none, so I believe mine has some rarity to it. My Mewtwo Level X had two X’s as you can see in the pictures. Can anyone see if it is a misprint or i made a mistake, and if it is a misprint, how much would you estimate is the cost of my card? Thank you all.

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It’s a fake. Just by glancing at it I can see that the Font is wrong and the holo is wrong :confused:

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how do you know the holo is wrong? Here is a Mewtwo Level X i found on google.

The border on your copy looks like it is “flat” without the holo effect on it (i.e. the holo spots you can see in the google image). As pottsinator stated, the font is also different, on the HP and Pokemon description, plus on the attack name.

Ahh ok Thank you, I see. So is there more cards like this Mewtwo outside with the exact same “problems” with the font and the flat border? And the card i have does not have any rarity?

No problem, glad to help. Yeah, fake cards typically have the wrong font, wrong holo patterns and/or high HP (i.e. a card with 300+ HP). They’ll also usually feel thinner and rip easier than authentic cards.

To add, you can often shine light through a fake card.

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Thank you both so much. And when to identify fake cards, what source/websites you use to know what real cards are out there and to compare with fake cards?


This is a good database, it has all set cards and most promo cards. Fakes are usually of real cards and not completely made up ones. But most of the time people stay in the hobby long enough and learn the flags and what to look for in identifying a fake.


I having deja vu on discussion of this card.

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