Misprint Dunkles Glurak

I just opened some German Team Rocket booster packs and got this …
I immediately put the card into a sleeve before scanning it. Any ideas on if and how rare this might be? Also if I’d send the card to PSA with a note about the misprint will they mention it on the cover? Thanks guys!

What should it be? I don’t speak German lol :blush:

There’s an ink bubble with a circle around it right above the 50x damage

Technically, that is not a misprint. So PSA won’t label it anything.

They might put a MK for marked on it.

Then what is it? I thought a misprint was a unexpected error during the printing process and that’s what it is?!

Also there was a Clefable from base set which I saw on ebay.com recently. It had the same ink bubble like this one, a little bit more with the shape of a heart. Unfortunately I can’t recall how much it sold for…

From PokeBeach

I would personally class a misprint as something that can’t be so easily replicated like incorrect spelling, spacing or anything that can’t be replicated easily. I’d say an ink blob is just an ink blob. All in my opinion :blush:

What Daelum said about PSA is true. They won’t mark it as a misprint.

Generally speaking, an ink blob such as this is something that won’t really increase a cards value. I would keep it for its sentimental value, especially since you pulled it from a pack yourself.

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I concur…

A random one of a kind blotch of spilled ink on a card doesn’t even deserve to be discussed IMO :wink:

I classify a misprint as some form of “Error” in the card’s text or images. An ink blob to me would be called an “ink blob” haha. I get what you are guys are saying though - technically, you could call it a misprint, but my personal classifications of error cards coincides mostly with the PokeBeach info I posted, which is why I posted it. I didn’t base my “beliefs” on that, I just found it a very easy way to express my thoughts as closely as possible.

Thanks for everyone’s opinion on the card!

I will do just that unless somebody else wants the card and makes a good offer .)

Why did nobody correct me here? :grin: I meant a Clefairy of course, lol. Looks like Rusty bought it, here is his listing www.ebay.com/itm/261289130682?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd60bbaba So would you say this is unreasonable pricing?

Honestly, there were so many errors with early sets, it’s kind of normal.

I would say that he is asking a lot for a rather unattractive card (my opinion).

i thought the misprint was KP instead of HP… i didnt even notice the ink blob till someone pointed it out.