Mini's Collection (Every Gen + Sealed 10/20/15)

Hey guys, Long time collector here. I collect all English in all gens. Although I have a soft spot for Gen 1 since like most I have grown up with those cards. I am currently working on increasing my Sealed collection though and over the past month have added quite a few items.

Recently obtained unlimited Jungle booster box and Jungle Theme Decks.

Base Blisters and HGSS Base Blisters, FireRed LeafGreen Booster and some EX Holon and Dragon Frontiers Boosters

A Topps Series 2 pack (I haven’t been able to figure out what its called because its a box of 10 packs)

A wack of HGSS Boosters, B&W Boosters and XY Primal Boosters

More to come as this thread continues. (All Gen Set Collecting, Complete First Gen Woot)


The start of a Shadowless 1st Edition Set. I’ve had these cards for over 10 years now. Probably not worthy to grade but I’ve never sent anything to PSA so I’m not sure whats what. You know?


New arrivals!

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Oversized reverse holo’s! Love these cards


Complete Black Star Promos 1-53 some sealed some not but all mint


How much did you pay for those BSP’s 1-53? And were they all in one lot?

@missingno they were all in one lot and from a local collector. Not sure what I paid though

*Ghetto accent* Dammit, hook me up I want a lot to. Pm his info or sum’n!

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New addition to my sealed lot. And might I say a huge plus! Local find at a great price.


Also completed my gym heros set. Thus completing my gen 1s!


Very nice old school collection you got there *_*

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Love the old school collection! ^^
I actually just nabbed a deal on a shadowless raichu & machamp 1st ed. :blush:
Made me think of you!

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That Base Set Booster Box, thats what I want for Christmas. I’ll PM you my address.


Your collection is awesome!

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Thanks everyone!

Wow this looks really amazing. especiall the sealed base set box is really impressiv.

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Small update. 9/16 1st Edition Shadowless


Honest opinion. Should I send them in for grading?

depends on their condition, charizards bring good money for almost any grade so if its in decent condition send it in

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The only one not NM is blastoise. And I believe the whiting on the back will be the downfall on any of the other ones. A common issue with such old cards I’m sure I’m not alone