Meet & Greet with Pokemon Manufacturers

I have recently been presented with the amazing opportunity to have a face-to-face meet & greet with multiple card manufacturers at a local trade show/convention. One of such attended manufacturers just so happens to be Pokemon.

So, I am asking here and elsewhere for a list of things I should try and discuss with whoever may be in attendance. There’s not much information on exactly who will be there for “Pokemon” but I’m hoping it’s someone big. So yeah, just reply with questions and topics that you would like me to try and throw out there!

I’ll be sure to take pictures of the event, and even post what I get in my “goodie bag” :grin:

Get me some autographs!

Hrm, ask about… idk!

Ask them to print you a one of a kind card…then send it to me :blush:

Ask them for a job so you can get all the rare cards

Ask what their system of distribution is for Ultra Rare cards in modern packages.

Maybe stuff like how long it takes them to translate and convert a set from Japanese to English and why they sometimes cut or move cards around. Why not just keep the sets mirrors?

Or if they’re going to be releasing the new XY cards at the same time all around the world instead of Japan being ahead?

It would be really cool if you could ask if they still have the information/product for the unreleased WOTC sets like Jamboree and Crosstrainer!! Though I doubt they would know anything and if they did, they probably wouldn’t say! lol Or maybe only WOTC still has the rights to that stuff…I don’t know. xD

Perhaps ask them how many pre-2001 Japanese Trophy cards were printed and handed out.

Grab a YuGiOh Red Eyes Black Dragon and ask Ken Sugimori to sign your Shiny Charizard, that should make for quite the evening.

Ask them if they are planning to do some new artworks on the Worlds Trophy cards any time…

I think it might be interesting to find out why they chose to have english and japanese cards so different back when pokemon came out. Why the different style back? Why the different cardstock between the two? Why the yellow border on the english vs the brown on the japanese. (PS I think the japanese is superior in design in nearly every way including resilience to damage). Just some ideas I’ve always wondered about

The Japanese cards were made by a Japanese manufacturer, Media Factory, and the English cards were made in Renton Washington by WOTC…hence the vast differences.

Ya I understand but I guess I figured WOTC would just reprint for the US what Media Factory makes, but just in English. Why re-style the cards? Did Media Factory require them to?