Mcorey777's Graded Collection

Thanks abunch! Can’t wait for Sabrina’s Gengar and Blaine’s Moltres to come in this week!


@mcorey777 I’ve been seeing some of these pop up on eBay. Are you upgrading to PSA 10s?

@Dyl Selling everything. Raised my seller limit twice. Hoping to get as many people as possible to message me here or Instagram vs buying on eBay. My eBay is also mcorey777 so it shouldn’t be too hard. Definitely message me or let me know if you see anything. I typed out huge lists of everything available

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I hope that you get what you are looking for and that you continue to be part of this great community. :slight_smile:

O definitely! It’s been a blast! Probably going to buy a house hopefully upgrade jobs again sometime soon and I’ll probably eventually get back at it. Just watched a few hours of smpratte and Rudy videos :blush:


Love to hear that! :partying_face: :tada:

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