May 24th - May 31st - Gengar - Base Expansion Pack

Card of the week - May 24th - May 31st, 2015****Gengar - Base Expansion Pack

Which is your favourite Expedition/Base Expansion Pack Holo?

Great pick!

Suggested this guy as cotw some time ago and still definitely favourite from Expedition.

One of the last cards I remember pulling from booster packs as kid before I abandoned Pokemon tcg for 10+ years. I just didn’t like dramatic change for overall appearance that e-series borders brought, naturally I’ve been kicking myself to nuts after realizing how awesome sets I missed because that decision. :blush:


That Gengar looks like he could be in the book, “where the wild things are”.


I actually just picked up a few of these Gengars at a local shop in a $1 binder. Not my favorite card from expedition, but nice nonetheless.

This is definitely my favorite from that set:

Same story as me after gym series, stupid young me.

My favourite holo from expedition would have to be ampharos, or skarmory, or cloyster… Awesome set.

Nothing beats mew :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love that mew card. But then again I love all mew cards.

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This one is way waaay waaaaaay better for being card of the week! I love it whe pokemon are pictures as ‘animals’, if that makes any sense.

This one looks great too.

Dive-Bomb Squadron 6, form up! Leave no Weedle alive!

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so many sweet holos in this set.

One more thing about Feraligatr, anyone else like how murky water makes its body parts look like teal ( same as Feraligatr’s shiny coloring ) ?

Gengar looks great! My favorite from E1 is Mewtwo hands-down. Sadly I do not own this card.

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