Mathonsunday's Umbreon And Friends Collection

Hey folks! I started collecting a few months ago. I was a kid when Pokemon first came out, and fondly remember playing the card game. I lost interest as I got older and no longer have my childhood collection. I imagine the cards were pretty beat up! Over the holidays last year I picked up Sword and Shield and finished a Pokedex for the first time. I got interested in the cards because I was looking to connect with Pokemon in more ways.

I have an affinity for dark and ghost type Pokemon, especially Umbreon, Sneasel, Mimikyu and Houndoom. I live in a small apartment, and as a result get the most enjoyment from my binders. I’m still figuring out my goals, but I think collecting all the cards of one of the above Pokemon (to start) would be really rewarding.

I enjoy opening modern Japanese sets because they are cheaper and I prefer the look of the cards. I like to have binder collections minus the secret rares of the sets I love the most. I’d rather not spend the money on a secret rare unless it’s one I really love! Right now those sets are Tag Bolt and Shiny Star V.

I’ll be adding pictures when I have time, but just want to introduce myself and my collection for now!


Hello and welcome :blush: I’m looking forward to seeing pictures

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The empty space is reserved for my scream promo Eevee which should arrive soon.

Next post I’ll show my graded and potentially gradable Umbreons and Houndooms.


My favorite Houndoom art! I wasn’t seeking a gradable Houndoom, but I think it looks better than my PSA 8. Would love to upgrade to a 9 or even a *gulp* 10 eventually.

While I love the E series art, I don’t love the borders. Going forward, I plan to focus more on the Neo era.

Wrapping it up with Mimikyu! My favorite modern cards are tag teams. The Gengar & Mimikyu alternate art tells such a rich story. I imagine Gengar pressured Mimikyu into commiting a crime. Mimikyu is worried about getting caught and Gengar just says "Don’t worry kid, I do this all the time. Don’t forget to smile for the camera :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: "


When I first got back into the hobby my goal was to get all the WOTC Umbreons in PSA 10. When those became out of reach I kept the dream alive but made some adjustments. Seeing this card in person in this condition feels really special. I also have a binder copy on the way. More Umbreons the merrier!


Hey everyone! Restarting my collection thread since I’m back actively in the hobby. For the last almost 2 years I’ve been casually following the Japanese modern releases and buying singles I like here and there. Unfortunately the Moonbreon art didn’t speak to me so I missed the lower prices.

Collection updates I’ll share once they arrive:

  • Set of the first three Japanese Umbreon holos in PSA 9.
  • English Moonbreon
  • Karen’s Umbreon from VS

Down the line might upgrade to a PSA 10 set. Right now the prices for the PSA 10s aren’t in line with the increased enjoyment I’d get from a 10 instead of a 9. If I fall in love with my English Moonbreon I will consider getting the Japanese version eventually. The current prices for it are hard to stomach.

Reflecting on my initial foray into the hobby, I plan to avoid these things going forward:

  • Buying modern English
  • Buying non holo versions of cards when I don’t want to pay up for the holo version
  • Buying nicer cards that don’t fit my core collection focus of Eeveelutions and Eevee

Welcome back!! It’s good to have streamlined and well thought out collection goals :clap:. Can’t relate myself though tbh :rofl: