Master's Key sold for $930

Hey…this is off topic…but a 2010 World Championship Master’s Key promo just sold for 78,000 JPY or $930:

dogma edit: I’ve put it in its own thread so it gets more attention - hope you don’t mind

It is amazing that a master’s key in fairly poor condition, with alleged 72 copies (, sells for more than $900 while a victory ring, with alleged 54 copies (smpratte), sells for less than $90. Why is that so? What makes the key so much more desirable than the ring, other than the key being new and the ring being 7-8 years old?

I’ve seen 3 victory rings of this version sell in the past week, all less than $70. I feel like there must be more than 54 or 72 of this variety. Does anyone know if this variety was released for more than one year or had a higher quantity released?

Victory Ring - that seems like an excessive surcharge for a feature 'mon on the card, but I see your point.

Could it be that the type of tournament also affects the ultimate price of a winner’s prize card, with winning the 2009 or 2010 Japanese national championship (platinum and key) being somehow more prestigious than winning the 2003 battle road (victory ring)?

are you sure there is only that amount of victory rings? I mainly asking for learning purposes. Was 2003 the only year the Victory Ring was given out?

If anything, you’d think that age would make the Victory Ring harder to find and worth more money.