Masakazu Fukuda Autographs - Will He Ever Make a Return?

Aloha Everyone,

I’m new to Autographs and wanted to ask a question:

Do you think Fukuda will one day make a return and do autographs

  • Yes - Fukuda will one day return
  • No - He’s long gone
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I will be attending my first autograph event this January when Arita comes to Hawaii and I found out that PSA will be on site. Since PSA will be on site, I was thinking of possibly sending in this damaged Gold Star Play Jolteon to be authenticated and encased as it is a collection goal of mine to one day have the main 3 eeveelution Play Promos.

It is quite damaged and would probably get a 2 at best. Originally I was thinking of keeping it ungraded in the rare event that Fukuda decides to come out of the woodwork. But after seeing the past posts about how there was a Fukuda/Saitou autograph event cancellation, I’m not too sure… I have seen @smpratte’s “why we cant have nice things” video and I can’t imagine things changing anytime soon with all the Team Rocket folks running around with their scalper/flipper mentality. Do you know when Fukuda’s last signing event was? Also, does Fukuda do any signings in Japan? I’m just a bit curious and know nothing of him other than the fact that he did all the Gold Stars. Looking forward to everyone’s input!


I don’t have an answer to your question but the card looks beautiful! The holofoil is complimented nicely by the lightning in the artwork.

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It sure is a beautiful card. I may get some hate on this comment, but I feel that the Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon are the best amongst the Gold Stars (although I may be a bit biased since I love the Play Promos :sweat_smile:)

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After what just happened on twitter and having 3 artists literally try and figure out what PSA is and one quit signing completely at her store after not trusting people to grade and sell her signature, I’d say not anytime soon.

If he does sign in the future, it would most likely be at a Pokémon event and not at a solo exhibition.


Man whats the story there?


I don’t think a single artist is permanently never signing again short of them dying. It seems they all want to sign cards. The range of circumstances they are willing to sign under, including how, when, and for whom, continues to decrease. Fukuda has never indicated he wouldn’t sign again as far as I know


Long story short as this isn’t the thread to really talk about it, there is a guy that works at psa that made cut cards out of saitou’s autograph. The employee authenticated them and Saitou was rightfully not happy seeing it on eBay. Other artists saw and they were also disappointed.

The tweets are public on twitter. Overall it’s just one of those sad things that you wish didn’t happen to one of the most genuine people you could meet.

Also, I’m sure the Pokémon company is aware of these incidents that occur which makes it seem less likely that they will have artists at any large scale Pokémon event. (That’s just my opinion though)


Thats too bad to hear. Saitou is my favorite artist and hes just so genuine!


Same, his artwork always reminded me of the anime. Meeting him in person, you can tell he loves what he does and appreciates the fans.

Like pfm said, I’m sure most artist would be happy to sign for fans if the Pokémon company invited them, but incidents like these just make it seem like it’s not going to happen anytime soon from a fans perspective.


I was able to pick up a gold star Pikachu from my local LCS, and I have become close with the two owners. One of the owners loves Gold Star Pika, so I have a goal to someday get it signed by Fukuda, and then give it to her.

With that, I have accepted the fact this may not happen for a long time, or ever. However, I remain hopeful. I wouldn’t blame any of the artists for halting or never signing again, as they do not owe us anything and there has been some culturally inappropriate behavior - or just in general not-so-savory behavior.

I am not going anywhere, so if it happens next year… GREAT! If it happens in 10 years…GREAT!


Never say never :relieved::pray:t2::raised_hands:t2::pray:t2::100:


@neverforget50in07 Oh I saw that post the other day and was shocked to hear that. I can imagine Kouki Saitou must have been even more shocked and appalled by that. Its sad how a handful of bad apples can ruin it for everyone.

I would one day love to get a Kouki autograph signed, and hope he will one day be able to sign cards and not just his own shikishi or non pokemon cards. I did have a few emails going back and forth with him when I won my shikishi lottery a few months back and he said that he is hoping Pokemon would bring back artist signing events at Worlds and he was having talks with them. But unfortunately its just “talks.” Hopefully one day it will return :pray:


Oh wow! That would be quite the gift!! Ya I’m in the same boat as you. I’ll be here for the long run and hopefully one day the artist will one day make a return at events. Even if its just at Worlds I would be happy.

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