March 2014 Corocoro Magazine Issue

Charizard EX Promo comes with the magazine. I think they might be worth investing into.

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Oh my god. I’m not a great fan of charizard but this looks amazing!

Will have to pick up a couple of copies if i can haha.

I’m honestly not a huge fan. I don’t think the card looks that great.

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I mean putting some of the magazines away with the card sealed inside. I think it might be worth buying a couple.

People go crazy for Charizard, remember.

I want to see the fullart version!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll be needing your assistance in March LOL!

I think this card looks pretty cool! Can’t go wrong with a wicked promo Charizard.

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The idea is fine, the “art” really lacks, 3D cards suck IMO unless we’re talking Porygon.

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I don’t like these type of cards at all (conservative as always, I know). It starts with the card design by itself which has no class at all and makes the cards look like cheap digimon or duel master cards. And then this “artwork”, which I think they should leave the original 151 to Sugimori, Arita and Himeno.

Oh and a general response regarding this whole profit thing…
I’ve been reading this quite some time lately and I have to strongly disagree with whoever believes in it. You must not forget that time is money and even if you make a good $200 a week (calculated from sales versus purchases), ask yourself how much time and energy you spend to make it happen. We shouldn’t forget the origninal reason why we all collect these cards and not fixate on making a lot of money. It’s a hobby. If you want to make money go get a job… (No offense)


It’s still nice when you can profit from your hobby

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AACK! Must get 2 copies of this magazine! Hopefully someone here can help us Americans (or residents outside of Japan) get this!

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I agree. Although I do like the primitive Kinebuchi 3D cards, I sorely dislike most of the newer artwork. 3D is used as a crutch and cards are smeared in glitter. Give MA a few watercolours, perhaps some pastels, and watch him conjure beauty.

I don’t want to suffer a seizure when I flick through a binder. That’s just me though.

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I think they were really innovative with spreading the art over the whole entire card and not just constraining it within the image box. However, I don’t particularly like the focus on 3D art. I understand that a lot of the younger kids think it is really cool, so it makes sense why Pokemon focuses on that. But I really do think they should do some sort of “fan appreciation” for us old folk and include some better hand drawn art.

Couldn’t have put it better myself, the essence of the card is there, it’s just that it’s covered in poop.

Sure thing. Anyone wanting these, let me know in advance and I’ll do my best to obtain them. I might even be able to buy the from the company that distributes my company’s own books in Japan.

A note about the art itself: We need to keep things in perspective and remember that Japanese Pokemon cards are designed primarily to appeal to Japanese kids between the ages of 10 and 15. What looks silly or tacky to us looks super-cool to them.

That said, I agree with the general assessment here :grin:

I don’t think there are many people who can actually make a living off of Pokemon cards. I collect first and foremost for fun, if I stopped having fun collecting then I would stop all together. At the same time I am not going to pass up opportunities to make some money in the future if I can squirrel away a few sealed copies of a card that may increase in value in the future. And if the value doesn’t rise at all then whatever. It’s the same reason why I have invested some cash into putting away sealed B/W era Booster Boxes. If they rise in value then lucky me, if they don’t then I won’t be too bothered by it.

I actually really like the look of the card as well, so I will be busting one open for myself.

That makes sense, I guess times change :sleeping:

I don’t think you should squirrel away sealed Corocoro Magazines.
Is the plastic acidic?

Yes but it’s a key part of my diet.


How much do the magazine costs to get anyways?