Lucky Stadium TMB

Anyone else see this pop up on Virbank? The guy is claiming he bought it from a French card shop and it was in the folder like this:


Interesting. You’d think a card shop owner knows about card stuff. Then again knowledge about these ‘obscure’ cards might be way more concentrated in our e4 microcosm. Lucky find of the year anyway.

At the very least you’d think someone would look up a bilingual card because you never see them. Also how this card got to a card shop in France in a binder collection like this in the first place is a mystery. Truly a lucky (stadium) coincidence if it’s real.

Do we know how many of these might be unaccounted for? If this does turn out to be legit, it’s strange to think how many other super rare cards are floating around in a box or a folder

You’d all be shocked how many game stores just don’t care about Pokemon. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was legit.


Incredible if true!

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Wonder what he paid for that binder… Assuming it’s true, that would be an incredible find.

Does anyone have any similar tales of finds like this? I seem to remember talk of a University Magikarp found in bulk. I imagine only certain cards have that combination of not looking immediately noticeable whilst also being incredibly rare. I wouldn’t have put TMB Lucky Stadium in that category just because of the bilingual text though.

Yeah it’s mine ^^


What do you think this card is worth in a PSA 7 or 8?

speed run to karen’s rapidash


Anyone buy it yet?