A 2001 French VS Tropical Mega Battle card has appeared!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share something that only a few people noticed during LeGalaTCG in Paris.
For the first time, a French VS TMB 2001 card has appeared ! This is the last non-english set from which we didn’t know any card ! Only one set was awarded to the only French participant, so it is theoretically a 1/1 card.

The question is now to know if it is an extra copy or if the original French participant finally decided to sell his 1/1 full set… :slight_smile:

(Thanks @neos_pkmn on Instagram who accepted that I share their picture of the card)


I recall that someone who claimed to know the owner of the French cards commented on a TMB thread here that they didn’t want to share images in fear of the cards being faked (which apparently caused the owner of the German cards to think the same way and delete the entire thread, or that’s at least what I think has happed). So I’m not entirely sure if they either changed their mind and allowed that public display, for some reason sold the card, if there is an extra copy or the other person commenting back then wasn’t right (or if it’s me remembering something wrong, lots of options haha). Anyway, that’s a pretty interesting development indeed.


Yes we did have a German winner post here ages ago. An Italian winner appeared as well. Curious how one of the euro langue’s would do today as they are typically more niche than English and Japanese.


Based on that photo I could work editing in Adobe Photoshop and this is the result
(thanks neos_pkmn for the image)

Looks like a Glossy card, but it’s the light reflected in the plastic protector


So cool to see things like this come up, thank you for sharing!

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