lottery promos (charizard blastoise venusaur)

Got these recently. Happy to add them to my collection.
Seems as if the charizard is the most expensive and most hard to find…as always lol.
anyone else have these? Mind sharing how you paid for them? :wink:

Paid $90 for all 6 lottery cards.

I paid 50$ for both sets, including their original envelopes and certificates. How much did you pay?

Nice addition! Those are the ones limited to 5000 a piece correct?

How the heck did you guys get such good deals? Was this a while ago before prices shot up?

Yes they are the 5000 ones. But man, you guys got some good deals!
wish i got mine for that cheap lol

i paid about 40 for both sets and were still in mint condition

More incredible price points. Wow.