Looking for help buying from Japanese sites

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking around at a couple sites that sell Japanese cards but are based in japan (i’m assuming) These sites tend to have a lot of cards i’m looking for that i have trouble finding on here or ebay. Anyone have suggestions on how to go about buying from these sites?

Here’s an example. I’ve been looking for this card for awhile and no luck, but it’s finally for sale i’m just not sure how to get it. I did try to check out then got stuck because my address was not “valid”


Another site i’ve been looking at is the yahoo auctions i see a lot of people mention/link

If there is already a guide out there point me to it, I looked but had no luck. Thanks

Many Japanese sites will only ship to Japan. Not sure if this is one of them, but if so, using a middleman like @japanime is your best bet to get these cards.

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Unfortunately, many Japanese sites will only ship to Japan (as Ethan mentioned above). That being said, @japanime is really great at offering his middleman services to members of the forum :blush: Sometimes he is a little bit busy, so other middleman services to consider might be the online ones (they have a lot of fees, so be prepared to pay for their time) like noppin or from japan.

I’m sure any of us who have used the services before will be able to help you if you have anymore questions :blush:

Keep in mind, the prices you see are before any middle man fees. You also pay double shipping as well (to the middle man, then to you). Make sure you calculate those costs before committing to an item. That is the main difference from ebay where you just pay the price displayed.


There used to be a great store in Japan, I bought from. They stopped selling Pokémon, only sold drawing supplies. I think they went out of business. :stuck_out_tongue:

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someone tell us the secret sites you guys all use always ill throw things at all of you.

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Thanks for the information, I’ll research it some more and ask questions if I have any. Thanks everyone!