Looking for a few emerald break full arts

Hey all. I’m looking for these last cards for my emerald break set, unfortunately I’m only looking to trade rather than buy for now but in a few weeks ill add prices too as I will be buying what I have gotten.
The thing is I only currently have other emerald break cards spare. I have multiples of each RR ex card apart from shaymin and mega gallade, 6 gallade ex, 4 hydreigon ex, 5 mega latios ex, 2 latios ex, 2 rayquaza ex, 3 mega rayquaza EX and a thunderus ex, also two full sets without shaymin or SR/UR. All cards are mint or better and im only looking for mint or better cards :blush:

I’m currently looking for:
Hydreigon full art
M Rayquaza full art
Rayquaza full art
Shaymin full art
M latios full art
Gallade full art

I’m in the UK so preferably uk only but if a deal for multiple cards can be sorted

Just letting you know, it’s going to be hard finding trades for those cards if all you’re offering is regular EX cards. That being said, I have Shaymin in a PSA 9 and I would be willing to sell. I also have Gallade (mint/gem) and Hydreigon (PSA 10), but again, only really looking to sell.

Would you trade away your full arts for regular ex’s?
Better just post prices you’ll pay;)

If I was looking for a few then maybe? I did say the thing is haha, prices will be up when I have enough money otherwise it’s a bit pointless posting them. I’ll have a look through my cards and see what else I can consider spare and see what I come up with. I’m just gonna auction the ex cards even though I don’t expect too much for them.

Good luck mate. I posted a thread weeks ago, even listed prices I would pay for cards from Emerald Break. All I got was crickets until all I needed was Energy Switch UR. Had to go to eBay and other sites to complete my set.


The thing about it is, most of the collectors here who have the Japanese sets will complete them within a few weeks of the release, sell all their dupes and wait patiently (or in @milhouse and I’s case… impatiently) for the new sets :grin:

I get that, but you’d think in this community we’d be able to help others complete sets of newly released cards, especially when we are able to track down rare and unique cards “fairly easily”.

Back on topic, @woolsluk you may struggle a lot with this. The FA M-Rayquaza and Shaymin are very expensive cards, the cheapest I can currently find them for is $65 and $90 respectively. You’ll also find anyone who has those cards will already most likely have the RR’s. Good luck mate!

Yea I’m aware of the prices of those two, like I said I’ll put prices up soonish I’m just waiting on a refund from some dick who never sent me anything and just stopped responding.