Looking to Purchase/Trade for a Few Cards

Hey guys, I’m looking to pick up a few cards before I do my next PSA submission. Anyone happen to have these Japanese SRs? Mint condition and 1st ed. is a must. I can pay via PayPal or trade if you wish.

Mewtwo EX SR, JPN, BW3 Psycho Drive
Groudon EX SR, JPN, BW3 Hail Blizzard (Please note this is the old one, not from Gaia Volcano)
Latios EX SR, JPN, BW8 Spiral Force
Rayquaza EX SR, JPN, BW5 Dragon Blade

Any Primal/Mega SRs from the new set (XY5 Tidal Storm/Gaia Volcano), will pay $35 per primal, $30 for M Gardevoir, and $25 for M Aggron.

Just interested in the full arts? (Assuming that is what you mean by SR)

Yep, just the full arts!