Buying Emerald Break SR/UR

Hey guys. Been trying to find reasonably priced SR and UR cards from Emerald Break. Looking for the following cards offering PayPal;

  • Energy Switch UR (~$17)

The prices in brackets are what I’d pay at most in US dollars.

I’m after cards that would grade PSA 10. I’ll obviously pay shipping with tracking. Please let me know if you can help =)


I don’t know if either of you have these still?

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Anyone able to help with my last one?

Not my listing but it’s around $17

Cheers. Have my eye on another one on a different site which I’m hoping to pick up for under $15 AUD. If that deal falls through I’ll probably go for this one. Thanks! That’ll be set complete for me =)

Awesome. Do you know any places where I might be able to get M Rayquaza EX SR? (in Japanese) I’m hoping to complete the set as well.

Not for a reasonable price. Cheapest I can find currently is $55 US.