Long term investments in Pokémon

Is anyone making any long term investments in Pokémon? Cards or sealed product you don’t plan on selling for the next 5-20 years?

I’m personally investing in a lot of graded Charizard/Mewtwo/Mew cards, sealed wotc booster packs, wotc and ex era holo lots, shadowless bulk lots, exclusive promo and trophy cards, rare blister packs, and mint condition wotc bulk.

I don’t plan on selling any of my stuff.


do you only buy things for your personal collection?

I started out doing the same but when I see a good deal it’s hard to walk away from it lol


Invest in cards of these Pokemom


@elvisoak , Yes I only buy cards for my collection, and although sometimes I do see cards that I kind of consider undervalued, it’s just not worth the hassle to me. I’d rather spend time doing something else I guess. If I could put large sums in pokemon though, I’d definitely think about investing in some rare japanese prize/trophy card.

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Sometimes I’ll look into buying a second or third copy of a card I like, especially if I feel it is undervalued, with plans to sell later but for the most part I’m collecting for the love of collecting not thinking too much about increase and selling.

Wouldn’t think of selling for the next 5-20 years unless I really needed cash for something.


Hello I only read the title of this post and nothing else but the answer is: Base Set 1st ed Holos. Don’t thank me, bye!



Heres a good write up involving this topic if youd like to take a read.

Thats being said, i personally only “invest” in my collection, and by that i mean im more of a collect for me type of a guy. All my actual investments are in more safe and reliable sources.


The best investment successes are people who didn’t think about investing.


But what if I’m thinking about not thinking about it cause I know not thinking about it is the best success but then I am actually thinking about it so then it will be less successful… :open_mouth:


Probably you will make more money working on Sunday instead of the return of 100k usd of pokemon cards…

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I just collect cards


You would have to break my arm to get me to sell pretty much anything in the next 5 years.

I plan to die with my collection intact.


I buy graded cards mostly because I can enjoy them. I like sealed product as well but have not bought any because simply holding onto them gives me less enjoyment (the temptation to open is great too!). I do not plan on selling… like most others.

But if someone comes along and gives a ridiculous offer way above current market value (2-3x), then I would think about it.

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As long as pokemon games are produced the card game will remain collectible.

Once theyre done and dusted pokemon cards as a collectible will drift off in the wind.


Everything that I buy is for my personal collection. My main focus is sets/sealed product from the WOTC era, especially first edition base. I guess you could label me as a long-term investor because as a collector I am investing my precious time, $$$, and energy into something that I love. All I can say is, I collect what I enjoy and at the end of the day, when I look up at my collection shelf, I see too many countless memories that money could never replace.


I collect WOTC sealed product with no intention on selling for 15-20+ years, because I just simply like the idea of owning something that is generally depleting in existence.

I collect 1st edition base, jungle, and fossil cards because it’s what I grew up with and therein lies the reason I truly just freaking love the cards and everything about them.

Am I oblivious to the fact that the prices will likely continue to go up before they go down in regards to either category? No.

This made me sad lol. I wonder once pokemon stops printing cards how long it will have, and if them stopping will up the value or decrease the value of whats already out there.