Lilipad mew JP corocoro glossy psa 9oc

Hi all

Just wanting to get a valuation on a 1997 japanese corocoro promo lilipad mew-glossy.

It is a psa 9OC.

Any ideas on a value for this?

Thanks in advance

Are you trying to sell the card or just know the value. If you want to sell it just slap it on eBay for $0.99 and see how much it would go for. Market forces can determine the true value or you can simply look if there was a previous listing and extrapolate some data.

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I’ve got a couple of Japanese lilly pad mews. But they are not glossy and no set symbol actually they are matte. What would be the difference? Glossy better?

JRR Stamp Rally non-glossy No. 151 best Lily Pad Mew

Thank you. That’s what I’ve got.
Made my day. Just got a bunch of Japanese promos and I’m having trouble identifying them.
I would appreciate any lead you can give me.