Light mode or dark mode?

Just curious about which mode people have been using on the site?

  • Light mode
  • Dark mode
  • Other palette

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For myself I’m partial to light mode for whatever reason. The red has grown on me

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Light mode. Dark mode may look cooler, but light mode is much easier on the eyes, in my opinion.


Dark mode! Also love how the purple matches the efour logo!

Light mode. It is easier on the eyes for me as well

Dark mode for everything. I like working in the dark so better on the eyes.


Really accustomed to Dark mode by now but my eyes have been telling me I should be using light mode more so I try to mix it up.

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Dark mode in the evening, light mode during the day.


You are the reason people pay good money for accurate polling methodology :joy:


I’m surprised you don’t have data for this?

I used light mode all my life. I just can’t get used to dark mode.

I’m sure it’s somewhere that can be queried or at least made to be queried. But this way is easier, gives the opportunity for additional feedback and lets you all see the results too

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I find dark mode easier on the eyes. I have e4 up all the time on a second monitor, so the darker periphery feels better.


Dark mode 24/7. Feels much easier on my eyes and the gray/purple color palette is 10/10.


i never realized i was in dark mode this whole time. i switched to light mode for a second and it was like looking into the sun.


Dark mode, I value my eyeballs thank you very much


All good. I voted dark even though I use light.

jk jk dark mode all the way.

People who use light mode in general scare me. That’s some sort of super power.
Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the whole “easier on the eyes” thing but I do like the looks of dark mode more in general.

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If I use any kind of light mode for too long I get a headache, I also cant sleep if I use any light mode for a few hours before I am actually sleeping. My eyes hurt if I use light mode to bright. Yea I am happy dark mode exists.

does the blue light filter actually do anything to affect sleep quality? it doesnt feel like it does anything, but i have it on just in case lol.

I dont really know for quality of sleep, that is very hard to measure I think, but when I did not use the filter, it just took longer for me to go to sleep. Have used if for quite a couple years now, so I don’t have any recent experience without the filter. For me, it works, or it feels like it works, which are both fine.

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