learn to play the TCG

Anyone have recommendations for a good forum that discusses playing the competitive TCG?

Im looking for something that discusses good deck builds, the meta game, general strategy.

reddit.com/r/pkmntcg may be a decent place to start. You can often find links there going to other sites.

Pokemon TCG Online using the ‘free’ Theme Decks and the NPC Tournament is a good way to learn the basics.


Facebook groups virbank city and heyfonte.

Another good tip that popped into my head:
If you want to start playing in real, not online: BUY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DECKS!
Why? Because these decks have an optimal setup of 10-15 Pokemon, 20-30 Trainers and limit energy. Theme decks you buy from e.g. S&M are rubbish and don’t teach you anything like GX/EX mechanics and proper item/trainer card usage.

And a proper deck-tech channel

I thought that championship cards were not tournament legal?

They are not tournament legal at all, BUT their decks are build perfectly for tournament play. So if you want to learn the game while playing proper decks, picking up a Championship Deck is a way better thing and way better experience compared to the default Theme Decks and/or Trainer Kits/Half decks.

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Should help you choose your trainers and a few much needed pokemon, after that you’re on your own to find what deck you love!

His YouTube channel is a lot of fun and he’s always cooking up great new deck ideas.

Here is his trainers guide for a standard deck.

I also watch/listen to Pctg radio he’s got great info on decks and newly announced cards.

^one of the best decks in the format

Hope this helps.
Also, if you’re just looking to learn how to play, download the Pokemon trading card game online (ptcgo)
Is wonderful and a lot of fun!

ahh the only problem with virbank IMO is just the fact that they tend to have a bunch of jerks. Virbank stems with its toxicity at times. I’d say the subreddits are definitely a safer choice to avoid backlash.

Quite poetic, Virbank City Gym was the Poison-type gym in Black and White.