The Pokemon TCG Battle Academy and Theme Decks

Hi everyone,

Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. This is my 1st post. I want to learn how to play the TCG for fun, not competitively. There is a product, called Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Academy.

(1) Does this game have the same rules as the official Pokemon TCG?

(2) Do Pokemon Theme Decks also teach you how to play the official game?

(3) Is the game difficult to learn?

I would appreciate any comments.


The Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Academy comes with three decks to play with as well as a tutorial for beginners. Yes the rules are the same as you would be playing in an official setting.

The game is very easy to learn, once you have understood the basics. You can also download ptcgo to try playing online.

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Echoing pfm on all points!

Even if you’re a casual player (and don’t care about competitive), I definitely recommend checking around your local game/card stores and find out if/when they do Pokémon meet ups. For my area, it’s once a week, and you’ll have collectors willing to trade, people playing casually, and events and such for the non casuals as well. Players are generally nice and willing to help you learn the game too!

The online version is nice, but there’s something about playing a person across the table that’s just a lot of fun.

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I would like to add that there are tons of resources on YouTube for beginners, including deck building and strategy development.

Watching matches with commentary is also a great way of learning.

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