Leafeon vs Metagross

Can someone please explain precisely what the CD actually does? I know there is an announcement on pokemon-card.com saying they’re not going to update it, but am considering buying it if it has good quality scans of a lot of cards. What cards does it include?

But then are there no pictures of cards at all?

Say I buy it and go to the online service. Will I be able to just select any card I want to put into a deck? If so, and there are pictures of each card, I can cache them to my computer and get the scans that way.

Did that make sense? Are there even pictures of cards in the online service?

Oh, you don’t even get to deckbuild? Lame.

These cards have been/will be released in English right? If so, I don’t see any reason to buy this after all… (I really should keep track of what gets released and what doesn’t, but there’s so much ground to cover!)