LampLamp's WTB Thread

Hi E4,

Looking to purchase the following Flareon cards to finish off my graded Flareon Collection. Based in the Continental U.S, would be sending funds via Paypal G&S. Prices are based on what I could find on both ebay sold listings and Pokemonprice. Happy to negotiate if I’m significantly off.

Flareon in PSA 9/CGC 9 with Subgrades

  • Flareon - Pop Series 3 Holo. $150 Found
  • Flareon - Ancient Origins Cosmos Holo - $125
  • Flareon - Rising Rivals 60/111 Cracked Ice Reverse Foil - $200
  • Flareon - SM171 - $75 Found
  • Flareon - SM186 - $40
  • Flareon - Cosmic Eclipse Reverse Holo - $50




May have a gem mint for sale…if interested what would be your offer?

I’ll PM you

Bump with new want!

Hey there, I have the Venusaur. I can send you pics later this afternoon if you’re interested!

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Sounds good, PM me some pics when you get the chance and we can go from there :blush:

Bump with a new want

I got you buddy.

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Cool sounds good I’ll send you a DM


Bump :grin:

Bump, significant change in wants :blush:

Bump :blush:

Bump & price increase on Espeon. Last legitimate sale I’ve seen on eBay was $250, offering $275 :blush:

I sold one for $350 last week.

Thanks for the info, I will have to increase my offer then

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Bump & price increase :blush:



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And to think I cracked a psa 9 out of its case to put in my binder set in January lmao