Korean Price Check

I know there’s a couple collectors out there that are “in the know” regarding Korean cards.

What’s the story on 1st Ed and unlimited #58 Korean Pikachus? (Not the gold stamp world collection one)

What is the rarity on both?

How much would you price a PSA 10 unlimited one for?


It’s the only 10 available.

Unlimited? A LOT. Unlimited are incredibly scarce for Korean. I’ve only seen one - a Charizard holo. Owner won’t part with it even after I offered a lrage amount of cash/many PSA cards/booster boxes. Damn.

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I somehow ended up with 2. I found them amongst a lot of Older Korean War collectible cards. Not sure how I got them but it was years ago. They were both perfectly mint and I ended up with a 9 and a 10.
They’re the only 2 unlimiteds ever graded.

Mate what a find. If I was into korean cards I would. I think as they are the only two likely to EVER happen - price is up to you.

Just need the right collector now.