Korean cards

What can I do with these korean cards that I have no use for? I feel like it would be a waste to just toss them out. Does anyone know anyone on here that collects korean sets that needs the following sets? xD

Stacks of plasma gale | wild blaze | EBB | freeze bolt


Also I checked ebay and I feel like it wouldnt sell at all :confused:

Just keep them dude, you never know in 5-10 years someone may be collecting Korean B/W sets and you’ll have stacks of C/UC to sell them.

Any pikachus?

Sell them cheap on ebay, they will sell. Just sold couple korean xy cards for 5 euros.

I really don’t want to keep them xD and no Pikachus lol but I did get a gyarados. I think there was a gyarados collector here. I guess I’ll give a try on ebay. Did you sell it in bulk or single cards?

Little bulk. Still better than throwing them out.

Just make little sets of cards. With every set put a nice card(like ex or holo or whatever) and some popular pokemon(pikachu, starters, etc). Easier to sell that way.

I sold around a hundred Korean BW cards on eBay last year for $10 bucks. My lot included a few EX cards, though, I don’t think there is much demand for the C/U except by people who collect bulk or resell it.

Well market them well, take enough pictures and set a mimimum price.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will get to list them within this week! I hope they sell for something lol