How to sell less than mint cards

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve been on. I had to take a break from collecting during school since I had 0 free time, but hopefully with summer nearing I’ll be visiting yall more!

I have a bunch of lack luster (played-ex) cards (japnese promos, shadowless charizard, shining charizard). What would the best way to sell them be? I’m not going for maximum return as I got them of them for cheap/free. Would an eBay lot of all of them be better, or should I piece them into smaller lots that are similar (ex. the JP promos, the carizards, other english, etc)
on another note, if anyone is interested in them to resell or whatever, let me know and I’ll cut you a deal since Id love to get them to someone in the community and as i said, a lot of them were free or throwins

thanks guys!

eBay lot honestly sounds best. It’s hard to sell cards in poor condition to collecting communities. But eBay will give you a much broader base.

yeah thats what i was thinking…no one wants yucky cards in their collection unless theyre either desperate or its an amazing price

yea do an ebay auction lot

Sell the lot on eBay but make sure you mention the more notable/attractive cards on the title to get a bit more attention. Good luck on the auction.

Ebay lot/bundle works great, just also add some good ones and have a clear description. For buyers it seems a bargain.

Hey, I don’t know if anyone suggested this yet, but maybe try eBay?

Best of luck, man!

Thanks all, I listed the Japanese ones together then separated the Shadowless chariard and shining one…thanks all for the help!


Yard/garage sales or flea markets are another option. I’ve found that parents who drag their kids along to such sales will let the children buy something so they won’t complain :blush:

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good call! i might do that with my thousands of crappy commons/uncs from my younger days…

That’s actually a really creative idea.

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To get rid of old commons/uncommons.

  1. Garage Sale as @japanime suggested.

  2. put a bunch in boxes and sell for cheap.

  3. You make money, you don’t need to ship and get rid of old damaged cards. The kids will treasure them :slight_smile:

^ Well, that’s one interesting way to decorate your room. :grin:

It’s definitely hard to sell under mint cards, but some people (like me :stuck_out_tongue: ) actually dont mind picking up rare cards that are a little scuffed up in their feverish attempt to finish a set, especially if the price permits.

My suggestion would be to sell as a lot for the not-so-rare cards and throw the rarer cards up on auction with a low starting bid and free shipping.

Another idea is to sell via youtube, in which case you can showcase all the cards and require a minimum purchase price. This method is good since you can avoid ebay fees, but it may be more difficult make the sale.