Feeler selling of collection.

The time has come. I know it doesn’t need to be but as a new home owner with 2 car payments, I find disposable income always used on household items with no money for a booster box or complete sets. I have a fairly large collection. Wotc complete sets and promos, D&P, Platinum most complete Black and white series. Mostly complete XY. Shadowless 1st editions Charizard Magneton ect. Boxes of dupes for each series. Nothing is graded but in nm condition. What should I do? Really torn.

chuck it on ebay if youre looking to sell it

Perhaps trim it down to your favorite cards until you can afford or find time to collect again.

I always look at my collection and find myself saying, “you know, I really don’t need this stack of cards.”

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Sell it all in separate sets on ebay or divide it into bundles.Or sell it to someone that sells cards for about 50% of what the cards would sell for, so say your collection is worth $4000 sell it for $2000 then you get a fair price with no hassle.If you have the time sell them separately at auction on ebay as you will get some more fun out of them and get the most money.

I just hate the idea of cashing out quick and not getting the full value out of your collection. unless youre really desperate for cash i dont see the logic to it

Give them to me as I will make sure they are loved

Trim the collection to the ones you love. Maybe to your favorite set?

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Ebay is your best bet.

Sell localy, or otherwise ebay

Keep the sets or cards you really don’t want to sell.

Full sets are great and easy sales. Yet some loved cards might not bring the money you thin they are worth, so keep those.