Getting out of Pokémon 😔

After 10 years of collecting it’s time to move forward. It will be hard to see my stuff go but go they must. Once I bought my 1st ed charizard psa 9 I lost the “chase” aspect of collecting, my nostalgia and thus my childhood realized in one card. I’ll be keeping that card but the rest I have come to realize I have no emotional attachment and I didn’t collect as an investment so “for those reasons I’m out” (shark tank). Question to the community should I just sell them on eBay? If so what are the fees total, I’m assuming 13-15% when you include shipping and insurance on the higher end items?

Yeah, that’s pretty close though the shipping can be paid by the buyer or you can figure it in.

Do you have other 1st base holos?

Yes ebay is going to be your best and only real option. If you have social media you can advertise there. I would recommend reflecting on if you truly want to sell your collection. Sometimes people have an itch, or impulse, and regret some of the cards they sold.


That is very sad to hear. On the bright side you have realized your nostalgia through one card, which from now on will easily stay with you for a very long time if not forever. Selling on eBay will cost you 10% fees and 4-5% fees on Paypal. If you factor in shipping and insurance that is another £10. Hope this helps :blush:

Plus, interest and prices are climbing so it might not be your best time to sell.

*Have climbed. The climbing part is an assumption and given the recent climb they are likely in the green on everything so if they need to for whatever reason now is a pretty good time to do it. The future doesn’t hold any guarantees.

There’s no such thing as a sure thing but if it’s mainly older English cards he has, I like the chances;)


Not base holos but some fossil some original team rocket a complete fire red leaf green ultra rare/secret rare set a sealed FRLG box the charizards will be in my collection for as long as I can hold on to it. Being 26 I’m still finishing up my degree in engineering (switched majors once) I’m not strapped for cash it’s just I feel I should sell the pieces that others will enjoy more than I

I would list the items for a BIN you would want and let them sit. If they sell, you feel like you made the amount you wanted. If they sit, it gives them either time to appreciate (pending) or time for you to think about if you want to maybe storage them and hold on to them for a while. Or option 2, give them to me!


that’s not a bad idea (listing them at BIN) and thanks to all for the help and warm words. I have been thinking about it for a month and made a decision yesterday.

to maximize your money id say independant sales, here, social media etc. make sur for tracking…make sure your happy dealing with the person etc…usual precutions. ebay is the easiest…least work but less money. depends how your wanting to do it and how quickly.
Iwould reconsider though…sleep on it again ;p and go for that 10! I will never be able to get my wants lists(not insane stuff like psa 10 chari etc) but atleast its warmin knowing other people enjoy and reac there goals :blush:
Congrats on hitting yours, im only a few years older than you and recently got back into pokemon so i know how exciting it can be and hope to pursue it more i the future(lost my job recently so a little soul searching going on :grin:)
Good luck with your studies and focus on that first :stuck_out_tongue: and hopefully you stay in the gameeee! if not…good luck! Not been here long but this forum is not only full of information and seasoned pro’s but also really helpful and supportive people.
Excuse my pore grammurrr and schbelling i cbb to sort it all out ;D


Id say hold off on selling for a bit. This could easily just be a temporary thing you’re feeling. I felt the same way for a good 6 months or so last year. It happens with most collectors from time to time.

Just take a break.


My recommendation is all or nothing. The problem with keeping one card, is it keeps reminding you.

I also think that you should probably hold on to them… If you don’t need the money, what’s the harm in keeping them?

I regret selling or throwing away many things from my childhood. I sold my GameBoy SP and I still regret it today haha Even though I bought another one. But it’s not THE ONE, you know? The one that I used to play Pokemon Fire Red for so many hours is gone :slightly_frowning_face:

So if you don’t need the money, I think that it could be very nice to look at your collection in the future and remember these days when you collected. Even if you don’t collect any more.

Whatever you decide, good luck :wink:


Many people have got rid of things, only to change their mind years later.

Said everyone here.

Not everyone :relieved:

I have decided to restructure my collection, selling off what I have deemed not fitting, and will use that money to buy a high end card I wanted, even though it sold the other day on eBay (shadowless charizard psa 10) :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Please take your time. It took me many months once I decided to sell it to actually go through with it.


Should give me your Entei cards for free cough cough if you have any