Keiko Fukuyama Postcards (in progress...)

Just as I thought I was finally done with the collection :blush: Does this one have a particular name or release window and where did you find it? Looks really great!

@badedyr, I bought it from a seller in Japan that I asked if he had anything else for sale, and this was produced so I had to pounce on it.

I have another one of these ones on the way to me too, which can be available. I like most people are looking for the 1998 Set A postcards (well, the remainder, I have a couple of them anyway) - I don’t suppose you have any spares of the 1998 Set A at all do you? Worth an ask…

As for distribution, I’ve not worked that out yet. I’ve asked about and am waiting for some replies. I recently discovered some others that look like they were released the same time but which are not illustrated by Fukuyama - these other ones will hopefully give me something to go on with my research and if I find out for sure I’ll share any findings with everyone on here.


@chopin @badedyr I don’t know where that postcard originates but I believe it may have something to do with a Japanese book by Keiko Fukuyama called “Pokémon Enikki: The Guide Book of Pokémon-Island”, or in Japanese “ポケモンえにっき ポケモンじまのなかまたち”. There’s a similar book called “Pokémon Enikki: Let’s go with Pikachu!”; “ポケモンえにっき ピカチュウといこう!”.

As a very basic translation, “Enikki” is “picture book”.

I don’t own either, but this was the first thing I thought of when seeing that imagery.

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It’s a really nice piece and the framing also looks really nice. If you are interested in selling that extra copy do let me know.
Unfortunately I dont have any extra 1998 Set A. I looked for quite some time and took the plunge when a full set came up. I have extra from the 1999 sets but that seems to be the norm :blush:

Very underrated books! Inside one of them there is the only Charizard artwork drawn by Keiko. Ill show you as soon as I can. Glad I got both of those!

I did a random video time ago, its in Italian but you can still enjoy:


Why nobody put the Southern Island Postcard up? Shall I scan them and post?

OP posted the only 3 drawn by Keiko.


I see a couple of sets on Yahoo Japan. Good to know you can still get these sealed.

Fingers crossed for PSA to soon start grading Pokemon postcards and magazines!

I met a general manager (for pop culture) working for PSA and brought it up.

Hopefully, if they do start to grade them, it will benefit the community and collectors!


This was the reply I got from PSA in regards to them grading Postcards. If anyone has more info of their release please share!

Hi Marko,

Do you have more information about the distribution of these postcards? That is why we do not currently process them - we do not have enough information.

If you have any information on distribution for 1998 Set A & 1999 Set B, definitely let me know! Would be great to have these in the system.


Considering they have the Lawson name on them, hopefully it’ll make it easier to verify distribution(?) Fingers crossed, appreciate the updates!

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This is the information I submitted to PSA. This is also useful for anyone interested in the Fukuyama Postcards and their distribution! Sources were old pokemon magazines, flyers and basic info online (translated)- all info I could find! If anyone has anything they want to add please let me know and I shall update the slides!


Good work! They already grade some of the ones listed (I found these on ebay), but their database is definitely not comprehensive. Also if you want to mention how their postcard case is stopping people from submitting to them I wouldn’t object :see_no_evil: