Kai's WTB/WTT - Looking for: Sealed DP/HGSS Boosters/GS PIKA

Updated: 23/05/18

Assume English only unless otherwise stated.

Plasma Storm Chaizard Secret RarePSA 9 or higher - $180+
Fire Red Leaf Green Venusaur ex PSA 9 or higher - $80+
Leafeon LV X from great encounters **Mint - $50+**Holon Phantons Pikachu GS **PSA 9 or higher - $400+**Ex Team Rocket Mudkip GS PSA 9 or higher $400+

Diamond & Pearl: Mysterious Treasures Booster Box - $350
Diamond & Pearl: Secret Wonders Booster Box - $350
Diamond & Pearl: Great Encounters Booster Box - $350
Diamond & Pearl: Majestic Dawn Booster Box - $400
Platinum: Rising Rivals - $350
HeartGold & SoulSilver Base - $350
Will also consider loose packs/blisters and ungraded cards.

Available for trade:
Anything from my collection thread is up for trade for the right cards.
Some highlights for the lazy:
PSA 9 Charizard GS
PSA 9 Regirock GS
PSA 9 Jolteon GS
PSA 10 Shining Charizard
PSA 10 Shining Tyranitar
Ungraded Mysterious Pearl (Minty)
Ungraded 2003 Victory Ring (Gem Minty)

Thanks for looking!

Not specified the language by the way I have arcanine and venusaur in psa 10 in Japanese if can interest you

I have a Dragon Frontiers Kingdra ex in PSA 9 if you are interested :blush:

I have the raichu and the arcanine you are looking for, I will PM you a link to my ebay listings for them.
We can probably work something out.

I’m interested in trading for some of your recently graded cards, Charizard in particular.

Wondering like everyone else, are you also looking for Japanese PSA original EX cards?

Didn’t realise folk had replied, updated the main post to say english only. PM me about the cards your interested in

I sent you a PM, I don’t know if you got a chance to check or not.


What specific blisters do you seek and what do you offer? I have some spare DP-HGSS blisters in storage