Are YOU rooting for Josh Wittenberger???


Ahhhhh…he lost tonight:(

I think you mean Josh Wittenkeller.

But, no, I’m just waiting for spring training to begin. Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks! :grin:

He lost on the first episode?!

Correction… Second?!



Yes, he lost on the second episode:(
For you international folk…we’re talking about a popular show here in the US called King Of The Nerds. The guy JWITTZ is a Big time Pokemon enthusiast and expert. All the contestants are nerds with jobs like Rocket Scientists and physicists etc. All contestants are like early 20s.
Its a fun show where they have teams and competitions and every week one person goes home.
It’s quite fun…:wink:

Its kinda like survivor for nerds lol

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