NFL Player Plays Pokemon Before Superbowl

Hilarious article from 2014 about an NFL player who is into Pokémon. It’s a good laugh cuz he’s like one of us!

"With Sunday’s NFL title game being staged just outside New York City,…Irving, 25, has no desire to leave the Jersey City Hyatt and visit Manhattan. “I’m actually going to sit in my hotel room, play my ‘Pokemon’ game,” he said.

This is Irving’s idea of fun, and it does not surprise his teammates, who say he must be the nerdiest player in Super Bowl XLVIII."

Broncos’ Nate Irving Eschews Partying for ‘Pokemon’ - WSJ


That’s awesome, they even got a quick interview with him on the Pokemon Youtube channel lol.


Reminds me a bit of the Jokic Interview


Just saw this…

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That is… unique

seems like everyone is mentioning pokemon, everyone is enjoying it too much. Making cards incredibly expensive to acquire. ahh