So I’ve just gone on Netflix and clicked on the Black and white series…team rocket still after Pikachu?! Ash still doesn’t recognise them at first?! Ash is still leaving Pallet Town?! It’s literally the same cartoon after all these years? Disappointing :thinking:?

They should really do a reboot of the anime and the games to keep Pokemon fresh IMO!

I have some scripts for episoeds with sketches, fun to read it while watching the episode.

Pokemon is getting more dragonallzy i think, but the basics stay the same.

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Black and White is my least favorite series (eh, maybe Battle Frontier).

Ash goes from having a good shot at winning the Sinnoh League in D/P (fucking Tobias man…), then basically forgets everything when arriving in Unova (his Pikachu is beaten by a new-trainer leveled Snivy). I also find his companions Cilan and Iris to be some of the most irritable out of the series.
Team Rocket forgets about Pikachu for a couple of the later B/W seasons and just work on missions from Giovanni, but that changes back to the regular formula.

If you’re looking for something else, XY is a good change from B/W - it’s not great, but it’s a definite improvement.

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Or the other retro anime. Based on the games


I lost interest in the series ever before I stopped playing after Crystal.

Much better animes to watch. Wish they did a spin off and showed wild pokemon perspectives.


So are there any series worth watching that are a bit different to the rest? Any of the films worth a watch too? :blush:

Stop watching a long time ago after the gold/silver part, the only one I was exited about was the redux they made recently where it showed the REAL Pokemon, not the watered down series we had growing up where “Gotta catch em all” was the theme but Ash let a LOT of Pokemon go, not to mentioned he missed the opportunity to catch ultra rare Pokemon like Zapdos and the like.

Not to mention the cringy part where they talked to their pokeballs saying how great a job they did after they lost a fight. ugh. lol

And yes I agree there are craploads of great anime!

I liked the orange island arc and the red 4 episode series with mega charizard. The original comics aren’t bad and I think those would really make for a great series. Here is the bigger problem I find with american cartoons. Why do they always have to dumb down shows? I find many adults actually like watching good cartoons that aren’t watered down. Who here like Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Justice League? Spider man or Spiderman 2099, Original Xmen. Or the DC comic movies, now those are really well animated and done. There are so many great stories in comic books that could be told better without having to water it down. I’m tired of the same characters being reinvented over and over again without the story progressing.

That’s why I love most Japanese anime. The stories actually feel like you are going along for a journey. The threats feel more real as you lose characters permanently and there is a sense of power level that isn’t going to change much for plot. I like reading the mangas and seeing those stories being turned from a comic book into a visual experience. I doubt many people would watch anime if they kept redoing the same basic stoies over and over again.

I really do feel like a reboot sort of aimed at appealing to both adults and kids would be a pretty cool avenue to explore for Pokemon.

I hate Iris lol

I tried watching it for fun as well but yeah, not gonna happen. Have you seen Pokemon: The Origin? It’s a rebooted version of the anime inspired by the Pokemon manga, it’s actually really good imo! Worth a try!

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Please tell me that you’ve seen Pokémon Origins…

I keep up to date here and there in spare time. Some things do get frustrating and guessable and cilan is an annoying twat.
Other than that I try not to get too hypercritical and try and enjoy it for what it is, havn’t started xy yet though.

Nope! Will be trying it now though !

“Pokemon Gone Wild” hmmm…

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Yeah the main problem with the main Pokemon anime is that Ash/Satoshi never seems to grow as a person/trainer at all. I understand that they need to continue to cater to a younger audience, but it is extremely detrimental to the quality of the series as a whole. I mean look at this screencap from Black/White:

Like are you serious? After travelling around five regions, and personally owning a Charizard, he has to pull out a Pokedex for a Charmander? It’s just embarrassing. :x

I will say that I objectively like the Digimon anime (at least the first three seasons) way more than the Pokemon anime. The sequel Digimon Tri that’s airing now is amazing.

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I think they do that because not all Pokemon fans have been around since the very beginning. For many new fans they have never seen something like a Charmander because their generation of games may have had a Chimchar or a Tepig. I know that seems a little ridiculous but a lot of times, players or fans are all ages and although it seems redundant to older fans, the newer fans are like ZOMG WHAT IS THAT???


It can be frustrating for us but not everyone watching black and white has seen seasons 1-15.

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What they need is more serious anime.

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