Just when you think you're done...

Thought I had recently completed HGSS and just ound out by chance that 123 gyarados had both a regular and reverse holo variation, no idea why i never thought to check, jut assumed it only came in reverse for whatever reason.

Anyone ever had a similar experience where their set became not so complete due to improved knowledge?

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I once convinced a friend of mine that there were Reverse Holo variants of the 3 Aquapolis Crystal cards. I built up the story so well to him and explained how it was almost impossible to see them on ebay and there was no documentation on bulbapedia etc because they were only released in the boxes sent out for pre-release events so there was likely to only be about 100 of each card.

So about 3 months go by and he brings it up, says he has spent ages researching and trying to find clues on them. I had forgotten about the story I fed him and broke it to him that I was messing with him. He looked completely heart broken.


WOTC Black Star promos(+ Ancient mew) …

I collect all the sealed variations in addition to the regular ones, and it never stops. I thought the collection was done many times until browsing across these:

US alternate insert for the WB(2009)
JR Rally Eevee and Mew
Gray Star Pikachu + Jigglypuff
UK corrected birds + Ancient Mew
AUS corrected birds + Ancient Mew
WB inverted errors
Jr Railroad Meowth
French alternate insert Meowth
German + Belgium Ancient Mew
European alternate insert WB + birds(2015)

And I am sure there are more

No dot code Kyogre/Groudon sealed with the magazine?

EDIT: nvm didn’t see WOTC

Can you shed some light on these? :blush:

European alternate insert WB + birds(2015)

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There was a release for the # 21-23 with the catch mew purple insert


#2-5 with a “Master the Game” Insert that was originally with the #14 - Belgium origin I think

The cards are still English

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