Just opened a Luigi pikachu box - the full art is OC gutted!

So I finally treated myself for a Pokemon Mario/Luigi box and ordered a luigi version - I opened the box and my OCD went into overdrive upon seeing the Full art card.

Maybe its not a massive issue, maybe i’m exaggerating but its really off centre!
What is your opinions on off centre cards guys?
Has anyone else got this card and found it was off centre as well?

link - Front card

It’s (slightly) off centre. And that’s rare for Japanese cards. Usually they are spot on.

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wow! that is indeed OC, never (personally, probible there are more out ther though) seen that on a full art pika!

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Nope mine was off centered as well. Came back a 10 though xD but the other luigi one came back a 9.

Oooo Ill stay positive then! Maybe off centered is the new centred :wink:

Hmm I dont think so.

My 2 rayquaza poncho pikachus both came back 9s due to centering :slightly_frowning_face:

I think I just got lucky xD

Japanese cards are regularly printed OC.

Great looking card. Front looks fine:?