Surfing Pikachu PSA Mint 9 OC


My 1997 Corocoro Surfing Pikachu was graded Mint 9 OC by PSA. I’m assuming OC stands for off-center. I believe this is a fairly common printing error. Does having the grade qualified like this makes the card’s value lower or a bit higher?

How much would be a reasonable price to sell this card?


On eBay, PSA 9 off center Charizard $5,000 or best offer. He’s probably wanting around PSA 9-10, value.

I think it depends on personal preference. There may be people who like their card without any qualifiers as well as there may be others who think off-centered cards are more desirable. That Charizard has been listed for ages by the way. I would just ask the same as you would on a regular copy and see what happens…

I see off center cards as incomplete. If I buy one off center graded card, I know it would be impossible to complete that set (off center). I say try to complete the set, all off center and graded. Look for listings that you could grade yourself. I know a complete set would spark my interest.

(OC) Off Center is considered a significant flaw which is the reason for the qualifier. As a collector, I’m not interested in owning cards with qualifiers.

I echo this sentiment.

I would personally find any OC graded card very undesirable. It would keep me from purchasing the card in all cases.

Ya it would almost be better for it to be an 8 instead of a 9 OC I would think. I agree that the qualifiers are annoying. So are the half grades like 8.5 or 9.5 for collectors.

Thanks for all your input. It’s good to know what other collectors think. I’d probably keep the card in the collection for now as my only misprint card.

And you shouldn’t take my opinion, or anyone else’s, as a criticism on the piece. You’ve got a nice card either way. And having essentially a “perfect misprint” has some merit of its own. You should be happy with it for that reason.

I’m happy with it notwithstanding the qualifier because it features my favourite Pokemon, it’s a Japanese release with the old back design, it’s 17 years old and still in mint condition. :blush: Can’t resist a Pika. :blush:

Always grateful to hear what you think. Thanks!

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I’d say any qualifier would drop value down about one full grade. With sports cards it may be 1 1/2 to 2 full grades.

BUT…there’s a trend right now. Some poke collectors like the OC’s so if I listed any of my 9 OC’s I’d probably tack on a little premium, but fully aware it may not hold that value.

Regarding the half grades: I love em if they’re an upgrade and hate em if they’re a down grade;) Wanna try building a tough set? Try an 8.5 set lol.

Ya that’s why I don’t like the half grades. They make collecting the same grade set a pain. They can be fine for a standalone promo though.

In regards to the OP, if you like the card and are happy with it in your personal collection, then that’s awesome :blush: Like you said, it is a sweet Old back Japanese Pikachu card from the Pokemon glory days. :blush: