Just got a new card, How should I deal with these scratches?

Here are some pics! The big nasty scratch does not have a texture to it, although you would think it would. I’ve never had a case scratched up this bad, and was wondering if there is anything I can do to make it look presentable!

Edit: I just noticed that in the listing picture the big nasty scratch is not present. What do you all recommend I do in this situation? I want the card and would prefer to not have the scratching. I could return it, but I used about 70 dollars of ebay bucks and don’t want that to go to waste either!

I know they will recase it for you but idk how much it costs

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Yeah i know that is an option, has anyone had any experience with this? If i send a psa submission can i include it? Does ludkins offer recasing?!


Thanks PFM! Will definitely give this a try :blush:

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Alright so i got the PlastX and tried it out. I used a microfiber rag but i think i made it worse to be honest. The big nasty scratch hasn’t really gone anywhere and i see a bunch of new circular scratches from the rag i used. Probably just gonna just sent it with a PSA sub to get recased

Sometimes it takes time. I had to buff something for a half hour before I saw improvements. Keep trying it, use circular motions, use only a little at first each time, wipe off the residue. Repeat. I promise you it works - there’s a reason why we use this. It always looks worse at first.


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Life hack - I use a Polywatch scratch remover on my vintage watches that have acrylic glass and it works surprisingly well on PSA slabs.

Edit: It wont be much different to what others recommended above, just make sure to apply a constant amount of pressure and rub in circular motion. Feel free to do this multiple times.

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Alright i will give it another go when i have more time! Thanks for the encouragement haha ill have to sit with it and rub while i watch tv


Pretty impressed you were able to get most of that out. I gave up on some scratches that weren’t nearly that bad so it seems I need to go back and continue to buff out some old cases.

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@azulryu holy crap dude! The instagram link didnt work At first, but that is amazing!

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@rybatony, @eyesofmadara it’s all about time and patience. Some of those scratches were really deep too. I spent a little over a half hour working on them but the results speak for themselves. I just popped on a show and went to work. Worth it all the way. Best of luck with your results!

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