July 3rd - July 10th - Flareon Rev Holo - Leg. Collection

Card of the week - July 3rd - July 10th, 2014****Flareon Reverse Holo

I have specifically chosen this card because I’d like to get some thoughts and opinions on the Reverse Holo effect in Legendary Collection. I have seen everything from adoration to disgust when it comes to how this effect looks. What is your opinion on this effect?****

I. Fucking. Hate. Those. Cards.

I’m not sure if my fellow Aussie collectors will remember, but the “firework” design was used as the effect on fake cards you could buy from Crazy Clarks/The Reject Shop/Dollar Stores.

All this set does is remind me of how many of my friends were ripped off.

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haha, yeah my brother bought a pack of legendary collection from our local card dealer, he got a reverse holo alakazam and we thought it was fake because thats how all the fakes looked

my thoughts; they look like an abomination, but they have grown on me recently

Remember that. all the sticker type cards had that effect…

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Never really liked these when I was a kid, mostly because 99% of reverse pulls were total junk.

Lately I’ve finally found genuine interest towards LC reverse holos, such unique cards. Flareon looks great, definitely in my top 5 favourite list. :blush:

Totally agree with @ozenigma whenever I see those cards I automatically think of those fake sticker cards you used to be able to get packets of from the $2 Chinese shop haha

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Ah I’m glad I’m not the only one who just automatically associates LC reverse holos with fake cards that would peel off as stickers! I actually love them now though, not started it but I eventually want the full set!

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I like 'em

At the time I thought these cards were pretty cool! This was back in the time where I wasn’t old enough to really have the spending money to get a ton of packs, so I only had opened a few of these packs. The only card I distinctly remember having was the RH Beedrill, aside from that the rest is a blur. My friends and I called these “fireworks reverse holo”. They definitely look amazing, but I can see why some people might get upset because of the fact that they looked close to fake cards for them. Here I never saw fake cards at any stores…

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Wow I didn’t know so many people disliked Legendary Collection RHs haha. I stopped collecting before the set came out as a kid but immediately took a liking to them when I started again. Currently, completing a high grade set is one of my main goals.


Also am I the only one who has a bit of trouble reading the text on these?


Good luck mate, keep us updated!

I managed to pick up the complete LC reverse holo set a couple of months ago and it has since grown to be one of my favorite sets in my collection. Here’s the cover page I made with the most iconic trios of gen 1:


Looks awesome! Specialy a trio set of Trios.

I cant stand legendary collection reverse holos, especially for a beautiful Holo like jungle Flareon. I’d take that rainbow holofoil any day of the week!

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I agree! They look fake to me because I used to get them from the quarter machines at Walmart. Everytime I see one I remember that and stay away from them

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